Beautiful Powerful Women® is a platform for people to get empowerment, encouragement, restoration and revival to unite the Philippines for Jesus and to facilitate transformation to individuals, their families, workplaces, and to the entire nation and the world.




As a Movement, we organize events such as conferences, concerts, and seminars. We also partner with individuals and organizations whose hearts and minds earnestly desire to spread the good news and the saving Grace of God to powerfully transform the lives and destiny of people and nations.


We do feeding and scholarship programs as our main involvement to the community.

Rev. Ruth Cube Keijdener

The Founder

RUTH CUBE KEIJDENER is a Reverend and the founder of Beautiful Powerful Women Ministries and Global Visionary Missions as well as producer of RuachMT19:26 Production PH. While being educated with a degree in optometry, her true calling has been in Global Missions, healing and deliverance ministry in combination with Christian-Events Management and film production. Songwriting, worship leading, preaching and empowering people are some of her callings.


She loves the poor and finds them, helps them and loves on them.


Ruth has a long-standing history in traveling the globe for missions and has lived in diverse locations in over 10 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and America.


Born in Manila, Philippines, she is happily married for 26 years with her Dutchman Jean JK Keijdener and they have two daughters, Edana and Jana who are both studying in The Netherlands.


Ruth’s passion is to let Jesus be known as The Only Way, The Only Truth and The Only Giver of Life to the ends of the earth.


She has done conferences for almost 10 years, big and small alike. Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, David Hogan, Joan Hunter, Mel Tari, Bethel Worship Band and many more are amongst those that she has hosted to speak.


She is also passionate about worship conferences in nations.