What We Do

Powerful Moms
- Create events where they can share joys and divide their sorrows without fear of judgement.
- Create a platform that is a safe to pray about  Difficulties in the family relationships. 
- Be given a listening ear and talk about bible promises to take to heart.

Political Office 

- Create a safe place for exposing visions  for the  assignments given and be able to get heavenly insights and encounters in the thirds heavens  for these politicians.


Men and Women

in Business 

- We create a scheduled gathering for businessmen and businesswomen to be able to connect and support each other in business. 
- Help invite speakers to enhance heart checks and knowledge of Truth and not just work. 
- Have a safe- non opportunistic environment for expanded network.  
- Create an environment with the same views and exchange new ideas. 
- Brainstorm together on how to create jobs for others. 


Outreach programs in the US and around the world 

- International education and feeding programs in 3rd world countries. 
- Raise funds to support kids to be able to go to school.  
- Receive support to feed the hungry by coordinating and partnering with trusted churches and organizations. 

- Visit sites to pray, to give, to worship, to feed over the homeless, the prisoners, the sick and the orphans.

Inner healing and deliverance                                   

- Prophetically work with the Holy spirit to bring healing and deliverance from past to present hurts, unforgiveness and every type of spiritual and emotional and mental issues.


- Be able to create a place for them to connect and have meetings for shared prayers and dreams, frustrations and freedoms. 
Prophetic community 

- A safe place to  practice  listening to the Holy Spirit  and prophesying to each other.
- A place to receive a Word of encouragement and be able to give one.



- Conferences, Gatherings and Concerts that Hosts the Presence of God, to bring Him glory and bring people closer to Him.



- Schedule meetings for a quiet time to listen to God together, to discuss and be sensitive to the move of God for the season through media business - prophetic insights and help in the transformation of the world through media. 


- A Place where they feel safe and be each other’s Encouragement and Godly critic.   

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