Candice has a burning passion to see others be healed and set completely free and move unhindered into the plans and purposes God has for their lives.    


Her heart’s desire is to lead people into Freedom body, mind spirit and soul.  For 20 years Candice has been equipping individuals of all backgrounds and ministry leaders to fulfil the greatness inside.


Candice's absolute conviction to give everything she has for His Name Sake came after Jesus miraculously delivered her from a 20-year crack addiction. He also healed her body from the complete devastation of ingesting hard drugs for over 2 decades.


Candice is also part of Agape Freedom Fighters which exists to set captives free through the ministry of healing and evangelism in the name of Jesus Christ. As an apostolic ministry, they are designed to equip individuals, churches and regional prayer teams with practical, theologically grounded training in the ministry of Physical Healing, Inner Healing, Deliverance and Prophecy.


The ministry loves giving others the tools to be successful and grow and burn with an unquenchable fire for Jesus Christ.

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