Ruth, who is true to her namesake in the Bible of being: ‘Loyal, devoted and trustworthy’, is both beautiful inside and out and who is a woman capable of genuine friendships. 


She loves Jesus with a child-like commitment in faith but equally resembling a roaring lion. She is known under diverse accolades to many, such as prayer warrior, worship leader, songwriter, recording musician, poet, painter as well as a global visionary.


Born in the Philippines and married to JK, a Dutchman with whom she has two beautiful grown-up daughters; Edana and Jana. Both who are pursuing their own destinies elsewhere in the world. Currently, Ruth resides both in the Philippines as well as in The Netherlands. Throughout her travels and living in diverse countries, God has led her to meet a plethora of influential people over the years including a multitude of ‘Heroes of Faith’. She believes in bringing people together; particularly those who are hungry for the presence of God.  Thereby, following God’s guidance of creating a platform of conferences and events to achieve just this.


Ruth has organized several global conferences as well as the Bethel Worship in Bangkok. Towards the end of 2017, while traveling, she simply asked God, "What’s next, Lord?"The Lord’s message came to her in her sleep when He spoke to her about running a conference that empowered, encouraged, and revived women. This conference is now the Beautiful, Powerful Women Conference.